Iona Today

Iona may be rich in history but it is certainly not a museum and definitely not a ‘ruin’! With around 150 residents living here year round and many more seasonal staff coming for the summer months the island has a lively and varied community life.

Here you can find out about some of the organisations and community groups which are active on the island as well as practical information about life on Iona today.

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Iona can certainly be a good place to ‘leave it all behind’, and if that’s your aim then you may want to skip most of this section (except to find out where to post your postcards!).

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Community Council

Iona Community Council meets up to 6 times a year and discusses many aspects of island life and its challenges.

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Housing Partnership

The attractiveness of Iona as a visitor’s destination obviously has impacts on our small rural community. It is therefore important to have community responses to issues that arise - especially ones such as housing, which are so all-encompassing.

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Fire Brigade

Iona fire service dates from 1956 when the then Western Fire Area Joint Committee established a unit of 7 volunteer firemen on the island and provided a two man manual pump which was stored in a small shed at the village hall.

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National Trust

The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) is the conservation charity that protects and promotes Scotland's natural and cultural heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.

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Iona Village Hall

Iona Village Hall is at the heart of the local community and forms part of the lives and memories of the local residents and visitors alike.

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